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Association Executive

The Haywood REALTOR Association is a professional affiliation of licensed real estate agents and appraisers, who indicate dedication to their work and the industry by ascribing to and working in accord with a structure of Professional Standards, governed by a strict REALTOR Code of Ethics, for conducting business with fellow REALTORS, customers and clients, and the general public. Membership is by choice, with local affiliation establishing membership at the state and national levels. NC Licensing law requires that broker licensees (who have not established themselves as Broker-in-Charge or sole-proprietor), who wish to be active in real estate, be supervised by an overseeing broker, who assumes ultimate responsibility for the agent's conduct and fiscal obligations, in accordance with state real estate laws. Likewise, the REALTOR associations require that all brokers, affiliated with a member broker (firm principal), accept the same standards of practice by joining the local Association, performing required membership responsibilities, and paying necessary dues. The principal broker, who has elected to associate the firm with the REALTOR association(s), should bear the responsibility of communicating this aspect of the profession to all who work in the firm.

The use of the term, REALTOR, is limited to real estate professionals, who are members of a local and/or state and nationally compliant association. Unfortunately, the general public thinks the term is synonymous for any licensed real estate agent, which reflects negatively on all REALTORS in instances where non-member agents do not ascribe to the same high professional standards.

In addition to the use of the time-honored designation, REALTORS receive a number of benefits through the associations. Members are provided valuable information and opportunities for education, from the local, state, and/or national associations, which can assist in day-to-day endeavors and pave the way for greater success in your chosen field. Your local Association has as on-going real estate and Multiple Listing Service training courses.  The Haywood REALTOR Association offers NC Real Estate Commission mandated continuing education classes and various REALTOR designation courses.

As to the cost for membership, it is very reasonable, about $48.00 a month for all three associations, billed and collected at the beginning of each year, with funds disbursed as local-32%, state-37%, and national-31%. Comparatively, this investment in your profession is nominal, especially considering the extensive, strong support base and the networking opportunities provided by the affiliation.

The majority of our REALTOR members participate in the 15,000 member CarolinaMLS.  This MLS system covers over 9 thousand square miles in both North and South Carolina with the potential to reach 3 million consumers.

In addition to our real estate agent and appraiser membership, we have the added pleasure of our Allied membership. These are local community members or businesses, whose work or services relate to yours. Never forget that these fine folks are as important to us as we are to them. The rest of the Haywood REALTOR Association family is comprised of unofficial members, various office and staff personnel, who assist all of us in day-to-day activities.

Whether you're an independent broker working on your own, part of a small team in a growing office, or one of many in a productive, larger firm, your decision to join your local Association and/or the MLS and to work cooperatively with other members makes you an important part of a bigger picture. We are connected to one another through our local association; this locale is joined with others in the state through NCAR; North Carolina unites with all the other states with NAR; and we all reach out to the world through the Internet. What a force! What a future! REALTORS are professional members of the real estate community and are committed to the dream of individual home-ownership.

Historical Notes

Organized in 1966 by Marion O'Neil who became a Member at Large of the North Carolina Association of REALTORS, the Haywood County Board of REALTORS had 17 founding members: Marion O'Neil, Nancy Nance, Elise League, W.S.Cunningham, Daisy Hurley, Nelly Leslie, Fred Sivia, William Okom, David Felmet, Russell Hargreves, L.N.Davis, Sam McCrary, Lonnie Lyda, Paul Davis, John Smith, Wayne Rogers, and David Satterfield. The organization was incorporated December 21st, 1970.  The Association’s corporate name is the Haywood County Board of REALTORS but we instituted a DBA to Haywood REALTOR Association in 2017

The Board of REALTORS sister organization, the Haywood County Multiple Listing Service, was incorporated in December 1971. This cooperative of listing exchange between real estate firms initially relied on typed pages of new information gathered from the members, with the first printed MLS books published in the late 70s. In 1988, the BOR and MLS purchased its first computer, which was housed in the MLS Chairperson's (Barbara Stetzel of Lots & Acreage) office and was the first step towards today's up-to-the-minute online MLS system. REALTOR members of our Association now belong to CarolinaMLS, one of the largest MLS systems in the state.

The first office of the Board and MLS, which was rented in December of 1991, was a small room on the first floor of the Bottoms building on Church Street. It was at the time that the organizations hired a general secretary to coordinate daily operations and manage the MLS computer program.  In December of 1995, Bob Hill was hired to fill the part-time office manager position, and in late 1997 he was appointed as the organization's first Executive Officer. Lisa Brown is now the Association Executive and has been with the board since 2000.

During the 1990's, both organizations experienced tremendous growth in membership. At the beginning of 1992, there were 25 offices, with 115 agents.  Today the Association’s membership is over 300, plus an additional 60 Allied members from related businesses.

Outgrowing the small rented quarters, the organizations came "home" with the purchase, in June of 1999, of the Lots and Acreage Headquarters building at 695 N. Main Street

The Haywood REALTOR Association is VERY active in the community and our members volunteer their time for a number of charities.  Our members participate every year in the United Way's "Day Of Caring", and the Salvation Army's Christmas Bell Ringing. We are also extremely proud of the Habitat For Humanity house we built in conjunction with the Rotary Club as well as the ongoing financial management classes we host in conjunction with Habitat. Our Association also sponsors an annual food and coat drive as well as making contributions to Haywood Christian Ministry's "Heating Fuel Fund. In 2007 our association was presented with the North Carolina Award For Outstanding Volunteer Service. In 2008 the REALTOR members raised over $30,000 for KARE and the board annually provides scholarships for high school seniors to attend a college of their choice.  This scholarship is managed through the Haywood County Schools Foundation.